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Dr. Ayoub Tabet

The “Helping Hand Society” held its monthly meeting on Friday, Nov. 24, at the Charles Saad Hall.  Mrs. Badr began the meeting with a word of prayer then she introduced the guest, the author/poet/journalist Joseph Abi Daher who spoke about the Lebanese Protestant politician Dr. Ayoub Tabet. Dr. Tabet was the president of Lebanon in 1943 and served as a cabinet minister several times. He was also the secretary of the "Beirut Reform Movement" that sought independence from Ottoman rule. Abi Daher talked also about Tabet's poetical “Zajal” writings, his impeccable moral reputation and his faithfulness to a strict work ethic. 

Mr. Abi Daher emphasized the importance of Dr. Tabet's unusual personal qualities as a politician, his writings, reputation and dedication to work. He was born in a humble house in Bhamdoun, Lebanon in 1875. His father Gerges was a butcher, but in spite of that he received a good education. He had 11 brothers and sisters, but non of them lived except Elisabeth, Rachel and Ayoub himself. He came to Beirut at the age of 10. He lived there and studied at the Syrian Protestant College. Then he traveled to Texas where he founded Syria-Mount Lebanon League of Liberation with Jebran Khalil Jebran and Michael Naimeh. Later he returned back to Beirut with MD degree, but he shifted to political writings to lead a political reformation in Lebanon when the Ottoman authority where chasing and hanging many of people from that Movement.

Rev. Badr had earlier been asked to explain the main principles of the Reformation, particularly the idea of the "priesthood of all believers." Coffee, tea and cakes were served at the end of the meeting...presented by Rev. and Mrs. Badr in celebration of the birth of their granddaughter.


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